Nurtured Wood Products

nurtured is a mission based company that offers products crafted only from restoration forestry material, meaning wood taken out of the forest to help prevent forest fires.

because the us government uses the entirety of the restoration forestry budget to fight fires, there is no money left to remove the invasive species

that cause them. nurtured has created a line of products using this material to start a market and make a difference.

choosing nurtured means being part of a larger effort to protect our forests and revitalize local economies.



Cotton Armor by Applegate

This superior cotton insulation contains 85 percent recycled content.

Due to the thread to fiber ratio and manufacturing process, this rigid product achieves a ‘friction fit’ without all the dust other cotton insulation are afflicted with. By using post-industrial material, Cotton Armor Recycled Denim Insulation diverts waste destined for landfills. The excellent thermal performance, higher acoustical performance, free from formaldehyde, meaning no VOC off gassing, ease of handling and installation makes this product the naturalchoice as a superior cotton batt insulation.